How To Maintain A Heating And Cooling System

How To Maintain A Heating And Cooling System

There are many different steps you should take in order to maintain your heating and cooling system properly, which can increase its lifespan to last up to 30 years and prevent costly repairs. You should change the air filter every 1 to 6 months depending on how quickly the filter gets dirty in order to keep the air that is circulating clean and prevent any clogging from dirt and debris. You must also clean the evaporator and condenser once or twice a year to prevent mold growth and coils degrading from dirt. Twice a year the fans, belts, bearings, and area around the air intake should be inspected. These areas should be cleaned, replaced, or tightened if needed. The air ducts should be cleaned every two years to keep the air inhaled clean and healthy for all. 

Benefits Of Having A Heating And Cooling System

There are many benefits of having a heating and cooling system such as the thermostat sensor that can quickly sense a change in temperature and kick on or off to meet your temperature setting. It also filters the air circulating throughout your home, providing clean fresh air year-round. A heating and cooling system allows you to feel comfortable at home or work despite any harsh outdoor weather conditions. This system is a great safety measure as well, it can save people from having a heat stroke in the summer, or frostbite in the winter. It is a great investment that can give you up to 30 years of comfort. 

Heating And Cooling System With Quality Air Control 

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