What Are Common Types Of AC Repairs?  

What Are Common Types Of AC Repairs?  

AC repairs are often needed for clogged drain lines, incorrect refrigerant levels, loose electrical parts, calibrating the thermostat, the compressor and evaporator coils not working, and failed capacitors. Other minor repairs you may need include changing the batteries on the thermostat and replacing the air filter. These repairs should be handled by a professional HVAC technician, they can run tests and give you a proper diagnosis to ensure the problem gets fixed correctly. Fixing the problem correctly from the first time will save you a lot of time and money, and increase the lifespan of your AC unit. 

Why Would You Need AC Repairs? 

There are a variety of reasons why you would need your air conditioner repaired including the unit not turning on, the unit overheating, running without stopping, the unit is above room temperature, or it is releasing warm air. Other signs that it is time to call an HVAC technician are if you see leaking or a puddle of water around your unit. It is also very important to change the air filter every couple of months to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris which can block the airflow. This can decrease the efficiency of your system significantly, causing it to waste more energy. 

Air Conditioner Repair With Quality Air Control

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