HVAC in Brownstown, MI

HVAC in Brownstown, MI stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. HVAC companies provide heating and cooling services and installation to your home or business to make sure you and others are comfortable regardless of the temperatures outside. Any HVAC installation done correctly should last you many years.


What services do HVAC Companies offer?

Services offered by HVAC companies typically include installing or servicing heating and cooling systems, hot water tanks, duct cleaning, and ductless heating and cooling units. People typically require an HVAC technician to do installations on new construction, which if maintained correctly can last 20 to 25 years. Maintenance is required once a year by an HVAC technician, which will include tune-ups, air filter changes, calibrate the thermostat, tighten all connections, and condensate the drain in the furnace and check the condenser coils in the AC unit.

When is it time to call an HVAC Company?

One typically wants to call an HVAC company when no air is blowing out, or coming out very weak. Also, if there is an odd or foul smell coming from the vents, clanking or banging noises from the unit, high energy bill, or if you can’t reach the temperature you please. You should call an HVAC company once a year to do typical maintenance on your heating and cooling system to prevent any bigger problems from occurring. 

HVAC Services near Brownstown, MI with Quality Air Control

To learn more about HVAC services, visit our information page by clicking here.  If you are in need of HVAC services or repairs near Brownstown, MI, Quality Air Control is the HVAC service company for you. With over 16 years of experience, we are licensed, insured, and service all top brand units for homes and businesses. Contact us online or by phone at (734) 833-3177 to get your system running today!

Brands We Support

We install and maintain heating and cooling devices from the following manufactures.

Goodman Heating & Cooling