Does My Home Need a Central Air Unit

Does My Home Need a Central Air Unit?

A central air unit circulates the warm air out of a building and the cool air in through the air ducts which clears the building of moisture and alleviates humidity. This is crucial during the summer months, for many reasons! The most obvious reason is the comfort that cool air provides the home when it is hot out. Another reason central air units are important is that they prevent mold, bacteria, and germs from surviving and growing in a home’s humid environments. If your home is without a central air unit, then it may be worth inquiring about with a local HVAC company!

Cost Of A Central Air Unit

Central air units can vary in price heavily depending on several factors. On average, a central air unit installation will cost somewhere between $3,000 and $10,000. These pieces of equipment will cost more or less depending on the location of your home or business. It can also vary depending on the brand of unit, some being more energy-efficient. The price of installation will also depend on the complexity of the process, the larger your home the more expensive it will be to install the unit. If your home does not have air ducts, then that will add to the price as ductwork will need to be added.

Central Air Unit with Quality Air Control 

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