Do I Need a Furnace Repair if It's Blowing Cold Air?

Do I Need a Furnace Repair if It’s Blowing Cold Air?

Cold air coming from the furnace could be the result of a wide range of different issues, many of which are solvable by simple solutions that don’t require a furnace repair. If your furnace is blowing cold air and this is the first time it has been turned on this season, be sure to wait several minutes for it to warm up before worrying about any sort of problem. Other easy-to-fix problems could be your thermostat being set incorrectly, the air filter needing to be changed, or the furnace overheating. If the problem is unidentifiable or there’s a problem with the gas supply you should contact an HVAC technician immediately. 

How to Avoid the Need of Furnace Repairs?

Furnace maintenance and tune-ups are the best way to avoid the need for repairs. Although the need for occasional repairs may be unavoidable, regular maintenance by certified furnace technicians can eliminate many issues that would have led to the need for repairs. Furnace maintenance and tune-ups increase the life expectancy of your furnace. To avoid the need for most furnace repairs you will need regular maintenance and tune-ups paired with replacing and cleaning your air filters 

Furnace Repair With Quality Air Control 

If you require a furnace repair in Brownstown, MI, Trenton, MI, Southgate, MI, or the surrounding areas, Quality Air Control is the HVAC company for you. With over 16 years of experience, we provide top-quality products and services to handle all of our clients’ HVAC needs. Our HVAC technicians can provide you with the furnace repairs you need to keep your heater operating in top condition all winter long. Contact us online or by phone at (734) 833-3177 to repair your furnace today.

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